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Biomass Fuel Supply, Lancashire

Biomass fuel is classified as a renewable energy source due to its organic properties. Mainly virgin wood derived meaning its inherent energy derived from the sun and it can re-grow in a relatively short period of time i.e. renew. With most biomass being wood, trees are experts at using CO2 from the atmosphere, when they are burned, the release of CO2 give the carbon neutral status.

Biomass use makes us less reliant on fossil fuels and aids in the reduction of organics going to landfill.

We are passionate about deviating ‘waste’ that enters our facility and biomass products play a key part in this. We believe biomass is ideal as a fuel, either directly in power stations, or for burning to produce heat through drying floors to produce a clean, reliable woodchip product. The end result of this dried chip is also for burning but there are several advantages to the removal of moisture;

  • Fuel quality is increased.
  • The volume of the chip is less dense meaning storage capacity is improved.
  • Transport costs are significantly reduced, provided the transport vessel has increased cubic meterage.
  • Moist chips have a reduced net calorific value as they use the energy from combustion to evaporate the moisture, lowering the combustion temperature and efficiency. By drying the chip, this is all reversed, and efficiencies of cleaner burning are elevated, alleviating smoke.
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Biomass Fuel Supply


Biomass comes from the various outputs of our business activities. We produce a range of products that suit various biomass scenarios. Getting the product right is often difficult, given that composting and land clearance offer many obstacles in their consistent production, but we believe we can get it right.

The compliments of both the composting facility and the land clearance sites, gives rise to numerous products available:

  • Clean woodchip
  • Arbchip
  • Arb arisings
  • Root wood
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