Never work with children, animals or machinery!

The right machine for the job

How does the saying go – never work with children or animals! Well, I think I will add machines to that list too, sometimes you’d prefer not to work with them, but you certainly can’t live without them.

Here at JCR, John is in charge of machinery sourcing and if I’m truly honest, it’s his biggest thrill. ‘The right machine for the job’ is his ethos and the more we have been in business I think I will agree, which doesn’t happen very often.

With the 25,000 tonnes of green waste delivered per year, we will handle in excess of 250,000 tonnes per year, it is imperative that the machinery does what it says on the tin! We run an Arjes shredder which is capable of not only green waste shredding, but root wood and virgin timbers, verifying it as an asset to our composting site. Not only does it contribute to the quality compost production, but it proves its worth when selecting the biomass product requirements of our customers.

Green waste shredding machinery is a necessary evil and I’d be lying if I said it didn’t break down or have blips. Wherever possible we aim to purchase new equipment, especially the prime movers and loading equipment. It keeps the staff happy too! A brand-new machine to drive with air conditioning and working radio, are all a bonus. Our staff take pride in their machines and they are well kept and a credit to them. In return we expect; the waste to be processed, the compost piles to be built, the compost to be turned, screened and dispatched, the biomass to be produced and dispatched. It’s not a lot to expect… is it?

Our aim for future blogs is to pinpoint the ‘machine of the month’, designating it the best in its field or the worst decision we ever made.

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